Location – Old Town

Address – Pawia Street 5, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Saturday 9-22, Sunday 10-21

Website http://www.galeriakrakowska.pl/

Galeria Krakowska is one of the biggest and most popular shopping malls in Krakow. It is located in the Old Town, right next to the Main Train Station and only 10 minutes on foot from the Main Square. There are over 270 stores selling clothes, books, shoes, watches, jewellery, sport equipment, toys, cosmetics, flowers, food and various electronics and household equipment. You will find here also some restaurants and fancy cafes where you can rest and meet with your friends. There is a free Wi-Fi internet connection inside the mall. The close location to the Main Square and the Kazimierz Quarter makes it a very good place to shop. The Galeria is connected with the two underground passages to the Main Train Station, Coach Station and fast underground tram platform so you can step in for a while and easily continue your further journey. There is also a huge car park above the Train Station where you can leave your car.


 Location – Podgorze

Address – Podgorska Street 34, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Saturday 10-22, Sunday 10-20

This large and classy shopping centre is located in Kazimierz – one of the most beautiful quarters of Krakow. Galeria Kazimierz combines both modern design with the renovated industrial building complex. There are more than a hundred of different shops in the mall, e.g. boutiques, groceries, bookstore, souvenir stalls, clothes shops, electronics and houshold equipment stores as well as some sport or accessory shops. There are Alma delicatessen located in the centre that resemble the high quality European colonial stores and offer its clients a wide range of different products. After doing your shopping you can rest and eat something in one of the Galeria’s elegant restaurants or simply relax in a cafe or watch some movie in the Galeria’s classy cinema.


Location – Podgorze

Address – Kamienskiego Street 11, Krakow

Mall opening hours – everyday 10-21

Website http://www.bonarkacitycenter.pl/english

Galeria Bonarka is one of the newest and biggest shopping centres in Krakow. It is located in the Podgorze district, in the old industrial area of the City. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the mall by car. There are about 300 stores selling a wide variety of goods like clothes, diary products, footwear, watches, jewellery, sport equipment, toys, cosmetics, electronics and household equipment. The mall offers different different sorts of health and wellness products/services (hairdressers,  pharmacy, optician shop). Bonarka was designed to resemble city streets and the chains of the trade square. The roof is made of glass and brings daily light into the interiors of the mall. You will find here different restaurants (fast food, elegant ones) and a few cafes where you could rest and eat lunch with your friends. There is also a cinema located in the mall. As there is a huge variety of different stores, the Galeria is a paradise for those who would like to save some time and buy all the necessary things.


Location – Main Square

Address – Main Square 46, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Sunday 9-22

Website http://www.wedelpijalnie.pl/en/

The Wedel’s Cafe will greet you with a wide selection of chocolate pleasures. Making a visit at the cafe is a good idea when you wish to rest after your tour or shopping. This is probably the best place to enjoy your time and have a little chat with friends and family. You can choose here among many different chocolate drinks, desserts, pancakes, coffees, pralines. The elegant interiors and excellent service create a special, relaxing atmosphere. You can buy here some Polish chocolate bonbons to take them with you as a sweet souvenir from our country and invoke your holiday memories after returning home.


Location – Main Square

Address – Main Square 1-3, Krakow

Sukiennice is  one of the most beautiful and known landmarks in Krakow. Situated in the very centre of the Main Square is an example of both gothic and renaissance architecture. From the Middle Ages  it was a major centre for trade – the place where merchants were gathering and trading their goods, e.g. silks, spices, salt. Nowadays Sukiennice is no longer an international market, but it still continues to sell various local goods. You will find here some Krakow souvenirs, regional costumes, hand-embroidered blouses, wooden carvings, crystal glasses, porcelain cups and plates with Krakow landscapes as well as various decorative scarves, bags and some amber jewellery. You can also visit a cafe located on the first floor and look at the life of the Main Square from different perspective.


Location – Old Town

Address – Kleparski Square, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Friday 8-18, Saturday 8-15

The Kleparz Green Market is the most popular from all the markets in Krakow, with probably the oldest history – it began to function in th 12th century. The market is located almost in the centre of Krakow, between the Matejko Square and Dluga Street. Although you will find here different sorts of goods like clothes, household equipment, flowers, etc. it should be noted that the market is dominated by the stalls selling food – some diary products, sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables. What is important, the food offered here is much cheaper and probably of better quality than the products being sold in the supermarkets. The market has its own typically Polish character.


Location – Old Town

Address – Imbramowski Square 179, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Friday 8-17, Saturday 8-15, Sunday closed        

Apart from the Kleparz there is another one, definitely bigger green market called Imbramowski Square. Here you will find about 115 pavillions where you can buy different sorts of goods – clothes, shoes, household items, tools, flowers, toys, cosmetics and many others. At the Plac Imbramowski there is, of course, a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and buns, diary products, eggs, meat, fish, sweets, etc. The prices here are quite low when comparing them to those in the supermarkets. Although the green market is located a bit out of the Krakow Old Town you can go there by taking a bus or by a car as there is a lot of parking space provided next to the market.


Location – Old Town

Address – Florianska Street, Krakow

Shops’ opening hours – usually from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Florianska Street is the most famous and splendid street in Krakow that links the Krakow Main station and the Krakows Main Square. The street is regarded as one of the most expensive and busiest streets in the Europe. By heading for or going from the Main Square you will pass many brand clothes shops, boutiques, jewellery shops, restaurants, clubs, pubs, currency exchange offices, cafes, souvenir shops, bookstore, shoeshops, and many stalls offering Krakow souvenirs, handmade jewellery, bags and clothes. The street is alive 24/7. In the past it constituted  a vital part of the Royal Route, linking the Florian Church (from where it got its name) with the Wawel Castle.

9. MASSOLIT BOOKS – American Bookstore and Cafe

Location – Old Town

Address – Felicjanek Street 4, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Thursday 10-20, Friday-Saturday 10-21, Sunday 10-20  

Website http://www.massolit.com

The place is an absolute paradise for booklovers. If you run out of books to read or simply want to find a place where you could peacefully read something and drink a cup of tea tea, then you should visit the Massolit Books. You will find here tall shelves packed with English books and some English periodicals. The books in offer are both fiction and academic ones. There are few rooms with sofas, armchairs and side-tables in the bookstore where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your reading. The books are mainly second handed and reasonably priced. A big part of the books stocked in Massolit has been catalogued and you can check their availability online by visiting the Massolit website.  The bookstore has its unique climate and is often hosting some cultural events, like literature readings, lectures, music performances, art axhibitions. Step in and enjoy your time!


Location – Old Town

Address – Grodzka Street 7, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Saturday 9-21, Sunday 9-20     

Website http://www.krakowskikredens.pl/index_en.php

Krakowski Kredens is an old Krakow brand that offers various delicacies that bring the memories of the past life in the City. If you wish to taste the historical quality flavours of Krakow the Krakowski Kredens shops would be a must to visit. The company is recognized for providing the high quality food from the local suppliers. Their aim is to revive the memories of the times of Polish Galicia and the past Sunday picnic meetings held by the upper classes in Krakow.  In the Krakowski Kredens (literally „the cupboard of Krakow”) you will find the taste of Polish home – honeys, marmalades, homemade Polish pasta, different sorts of Polish hams and sausages, diary products, regional biscuits, sweets, liquors and coffees. All these Krakow culinary memories are elegantly wrapped and would be an original idea for a unique gift or souvenir from Krakow.

11.  CIASTECZKA Z KRAKOWA – confectionery shop

Location – Old Town

Address – Sw. Tomasza Street 21, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Saturday 9-19, Sunday 10-19

Looking for a souvenir from Krakow? What can be a better gift than a packet of beautifullly wrapped and original local cookies. If you love biscuits and are looking for typically Krakow flavour then you should turn to the Ciasteczka z Krakowa shop. The company has a long tradition and has an amazingly wide selection of products in its offer. The biscuits have gained their popularity as a regional souvenir from Krakow. The company has been granted many prizes and distinctions for the quality and unique character of their cookies. There are also cafes inside the shop where you may comfortably sit and order a coffee or tea. The elegant interiors and friendly staff create a lovely atmosphere where you can enjoy your time with friends.

12. SZAMBELAN – liquors and decorative bottles

Location – Old Town

Address – Bracka Street 9, Krakow

Opening hours – Monday-Saturday 10-20, Sunday 11-18

The Szambelan is a unique store giving an impression of a chemistry lab in which you will find a wide selection of regional liquors. The place has its own character and unique climate. The liquors offered here do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. There is a large variety of alcohols in the offer. You may choose among different fruit and cream liquors, meads, vodkas, etc. You will also buy here some decorative bottles in which you want to carry your preferred alcohol. Apart from alcoholic drinks there are also some balsamic vinegars, oils, spices, pickles, mustard, fruit marmalades,  syrups and some tea and coffee. Szambelan is a perfect place to purchase some taste of Poland.

13.  OPEN AIR GALLERY at St Florian’s Gate

Location – Old Town

Address – Florianska Street 36, Krakow

On the way to the Florianska Street you  will be definitely passing the St Florian’s Gate. Right next to it there are many beautiful paintings hanging on the walls and are for sale. They are painted by some talented Krakow artists and reasonably priced. The paintings are of different sizes, present various topics and were painted by using  different techniques. You will surely find here something that will catch your eye. Many of these paintings are representations of the local landscapes  and could be an unique/original souvenir from your visit in Krakow.