Auschwitz - the memorable experience

This tour is an ideal offer for those who do not want to miss a visit to the world’s symbol of terror, genocide and the Holocaust when visiting Poland. You do not need to stay in Krakow for a night. With an early departure from Warsaw and arriving to Krakow at around 9.30 am you will have plenty of time to see Auschwitz and Birkenau as well as the Old Town of Krakow if you wish.

This is only up to 3 hours by train from Warsaw to Krakow. Trains are direct and very comfortable which makes it definitely the best and easiest way to get to Krakow from Warsaw.

We will pick you up directly from the train station and get guide service, return transfer and entrance pre-arranged. This is an entirely hassle-free whole day escape.

Our excellent English speaking driver will be awaiting you directly at the train platform. You will easily find him as he will be holding a large card with your name displayed. From this point he will take a very good care of you throughout the whole day until you are brought back to the station for your return train.

After about one hour drive you will arrive to Auschwitz-Birkenau where you enter through the fast track and join an English speaking guided tour.

After returning to Krakow our driver can take you directly to the train station or to any other place within the center (if you wish to have some time for dinner/lunch/shopping etc.).

We always make sure you have enough time to get back to the train station with a full comfort of not being in hurry.

IMPORTANT: price do not include entry tickets to the Auschwitz Birkenau from 50 to 80 PLN (from 12 to 20 Eur) per person. This cost must be added to the total price of this tour.


You can find the link below helpful for buying train tickets from Warsaw to Krakow online.

The name of the Main Train Station in Krakow is: Krakow Glowny. Book only trains with a total journey time around three hours and no interchange.

Sample plan of your whole day tour:

  • Early transfer by train from Warsaw to Krakow
  • Pick up from the Krakow Main Station (Krakow Glowny)
  • Transfer to Auschwitz by a fully comfortable, private car
  • Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau with an English speaking guide
  • Drop off at Krakow Train Station or anywhere else within the Krakow Old Town (directly after the tour)
  • Return train transfer to Warsaw

Optionally, you can extend your tour from Warsaw by:

  • Visiting also the Salt Mine during your tour
  • Taking an extra 2 hours audio-guided city tour by electric car with a driver in Krakow
  • Taking an extra 3 hours private guided city walking tour in Krakow.


  • Introduction to the visit (the background information given by the guide)
  • The gas chamber and the crematorium
  • The Wall of Executions
  • An exhibition of prisoners’ personal belongings
  • Central jail of the camp (with the block 11 where St Maximilian Kolbe was starved to death)
  • So-called ‘medical experiment rooms’
  • After a 15 minutes break proceeding to nearby (2km) Auschwitz II-Birkenau
  • The Gate of Death with an original railway ramp
  • Primitive wooden barracks for prisoners
  • A number of watchtowers along the electrically charged barbed-wire fences surrounding the site of a genocide at Birkenau


  • Hotel/apartment pick up and drop off
  • Transport by a private car/minivan exclusively for you all the time
  • Courteous and excellent English speaking driver
  • Individual insurance for all passengers (called ‘NNW insurance’)
  • Return transfer to the hotel or any other place in Krakow – following your wish
  • Professional service provided by the fully licensed company

All prices are per person 

Not included : Entry tickets to Auschwitz  Birkenau  which are 80-160 PLN per person (19 – 38 € per person).  Price depends on the date of the tour. We will add this cost to the total price of this tour. It is highly recommended that you contact us as early in advance as possible to book this tour.


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1 pax
400 PLN | 90 EUR

2 pax

200 PLN | 45 EUR

3 pax

150 PLN | 33 EUR

4 pax

130 PLN | 28 EUR

5 pax

110 PLN | 24 EUR


100 PLN | 22 EUR

7-8 pax

90 PLN | 20 EUR

9 or more    Contact us

All prices shown are



Explore the UNESCO-listed former Nazi concentration camp. The place of Holocaust – the inhuman madness of the contemporary history.

For better understanding the history of Auschwitz we suggest a visit with an educator. For this reason we would like to offer you our guided tour in English with a private, direct door-to-door transfer. We will provide a comfortable car just for you. You won’t need to buy any tickets on your own, we will have them prearranged.

Our courteous English-speaking driver will take care of you at the Memorial securing all the arrangements until you start your tour with a local Museum guide. You won’t need to worry about anything. You will visit Auschwitz and Birkenau in a group with a local  guide. The tour will last 3 and a half hours, you will be  equipped with headphones to hear the guide properly. After about two hour guided tour at Auschwitz I and a short break you will be taken to Auschwitz II-Birkenau where you will continue your guided visit.

You will start you tour through the gates with the infamous sign: Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free) and will continue to see the camp nearly untouched, just like it was when the Nazi left in January 1945. Just the trees have been placed at almost every street corner. You will enter the blocks turned into the Museum. Each of them having a number and a particular name. With explanation panels, signs and pictures they depict the horror that took place during the Holocaust. The educator will show you the inside of the blocks dedicated to the extermination plan, the medical experiments conducted by Doctor Mengele. The rooms are still filled with victims’ belongings, clothes, suitcases, unpaired, worn out shoes. You will see the unloading platform, watchtowers, fences, barracks, the camp bathhouse, the wall for execution, jail cells and many more.

The whole tour lasts about 7 hours from pick up to drop off. We will drop you off at your hotel or at any other place within Krakow city center, following your wish.