Auschwitz - the memorable experience

We will pick you up directly from the train station and get guide service, return transfer and entrance pre-arranged. This is an entirely hassle-free whole day escape.

If you cannot stay in Krakow for too long, this combined tour lets you visit two Southern Poland’s must-see’s in one day. Each of them is of a different nature, but they are both on the UNESCO World’s Heritage List and not too far from the City of Krakow. Why not seeing both in one day?

You do not really need to stay in Krakow for a night. With an early departure from Warsaw and arriving to Krakow at around 9.30 am you will have plenty of time to see Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mine. The departure of your return train to Warsaw must be then booked for after 9 pm.

Our excellent English speaking driver will be awaiting you directly at the train platform. You will easily find him as he will be holding a large card with your name displayed. From this point he will take a very good care of you throughout the whole day until you are brought back to the station for your return train.

After about one hour drive you will arrive to Auschwitz-Birkenau where you enter through a fast track and join an English speaking guided tour. A driver will stay with you until you meet your local guide. After about two hours guided tour and a short break you will be taken to Birkenau where you will continue your guided visit for about one hour. After visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau a driver will take you to a local restaurant for lunch (your meal is not included in the total price of the tour).

Visiting the Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the next item of this tour. The Mine was inscribed onto the First UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List in 1978. Every year it is visited by over one million tourists. It reaches a depth of 327 meters and the mine passage is almost 300 km long! The Salt Mine continuously produced kitchen salt from the 13th century until 1996, being one of the world’s oldest operating salt mines.

When you reach the mine our driver will also accompany you until you meet you local English speaking guide and join your tour. Visiting the mine always takes place under the supervision of the guide, there is no possibility to visit the site on your own. Visiting usually lasts approximately 2.5 hours and includes about 2.5 km walk down the comfortable and about 2 metres wide corridors and paths. Three levels are made available for visitors to see. There are 20 chambers and about 800 steps to climb. Tourists enter the mine descending 380 steps to the first level (64 m underground) and return to the surface by an elevator from the third level (135 m). Temperature in the mine is between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius, all year round.

You must also know that:

  • There are toilets spaced along the tourist route (after about 40 and 90 minutes of visiting respectively)
  • Taking photos is charged 10 PLN additionally. Please pay for your photo permit at the ticket desk or to our driver after arrival
  • For the wheelchair users/visitors with walking difficulties there are some parts of the route adapted. Earlier bookings in this case are required. If you wish to book this option of visiting please contact us
  • If you need, your luggage can be left in the Salt Mines’ left luggage office. Alternatively, it can be also safely kept in the car/minivan during your tour

After returning to Krakow our driver can take you directly to the train station or to any other place within the center (if you wish to have some time for dinner/lunch/shopping etc.).

Important: prices do not include  entry tickets to the Auschwitz Birkenau, which are 60-80 PLN per person (14 – 19 € per person) and Wieliczka Salt Mine, which are normally 89-94 PLN per person (21 – 23 €).

Sample plan of your whole day tour:

  • Early transfer by train from Warsaw to Krakow
  • Pick up from Krakow Main Station (Krakow Glowny)
  • Transfer to Auschwitz by a fully comfortable, private car
  • Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau in a guided tour in English
  • Transfer to the Salt Mine
  • Visiting The Mine in a guided tour in English
  • Drop of at Krakow train Station
  • Return train transfer to Warsaw
  • Morning pick up from Krakow Main Station (Krakow Glowny)

We always make sure you have enough time to get back to the train station with a full comfort of not being in hurry


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2 pax            310 PLN | 74 EUR

pax            220 PLN | 52 EUR

pax            190 PLN | 45 EUR

pax            160 PLN | 38 EUR

pax            140 PLN | 34 EUR

pax            130 PLN | 31 EUR

pax            120 PLN | 29 EUR

9 or more          Contact us

All prices shown are


You can find the link below helpful for buying train tickets from Warsaw to Krakow online.


The name of the Main Train Station in Krakow is: Krakow Glowny. Book only trains with a total journey time around three hours and no interchange.


  • Auschwitz – Birkenau
    • Introduction to the visit (the background information given by the guide)
    • The gas chamber and the crematorium
    • The Wall of Executions
    • An exhibition of prisoners’ personal belongings
    • Central jail of the camp (with the block 18 where St Maximilian Kolbe was starved to death)
    • So-called ‘medical experiment rooms’
    • After a 15 minutes break proceeding to nearby (2 km) Auschwitz II-Birkenau
    • The Gate of Death with an original railway ramp
    • primitive wooden barracks for prisoners
    • a number of watchtowers along the electrically charged barbed-wire fences surrounding the site of a genocide at Birkenau


  • Salt Mine Tour
    • Descending approximately 800 steps
    • About 2.5 km walk through the labyrinth of chambers and corridors excavated 400 years ago
    • Mysterious underground lakes situated about 100 meters below the ground level
    • Dozens of statues and mythical figures sculpted in salt
    • The chapels carved out in a rock salt
    • Galleries showing miners’ work hundreds of years ago
    • 15 minutes break for an underground shopping
    • An elevator back to the surface


  • Hotel/apartment pick up and drop off
  • Transport by a private car/minivan exclusively for you all the time
  • Courteous and excellent English speaking driver
  • Individual insurance for all passengers (called ‘NNW’ insurance)
  • Return transfer to the hotel or any other place in Krakow – following your wish
  • Professional service provided by the fully licensed tour company

Not included:

Entry tickets for guided tours in English at both Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mine.

Ticket prices:

Auschwitz-Birkenau –  80-160 PLN per person (19 – 38 € per person)
Wieliczka Salt Mine – 93 – 100
 PLN per person (22 – 24 € per person)

These costs must be added to the total price of this tour.

Taking photos is charged additionally – 10 PLN per one camera. You can pay for the photo permit at the ticket desk, to the driver or during visiting the Mine.

All prices are per person

By taking this private tour by car you have a guarantee of being taken back and forth directly and in a full comfort. We do not do group transfers by large buses where people are sometimes driven around the city for one hour collecting other tourists before leaving Krakow.

For this tour we provide comfortable, air conditioned and spacious cars to be exclusively at your disposal. We are fully licensed for tour and transportation services. All our drivers speak very good English.

You are more than welcome to contact us in case of any inquiry. We will give you all additional information you need, and will organize your tour according to your requirements.