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LAMBINOWICE MEMORIAL Private tour by car or minivan

Transfer by Car & Guided Visit in English BOOK NOW
  • Tour ID - T/100
  • Availability - every day
  • Type of tour - private, door-to-door by car
  • Location - 180km (ca. 2 h 30 min drive) from Krakow
  • Total duration - ca. 10 hrs 


This is a private, direct door-to-door tour with a driver’s waiting time and a return transfer.  Our English speaking driver will take a very good care of you for all the time during the tour. You will be visiting the site with a private English speaking local guide.  After one hour of visiting the museum with its permanent exhibitions you will continue to the camps and cemeteries devoted to the prisoners-of-war of different nationalities. The second part of your tour will take about 2 hours. The guide will be at your disposal during the whole time of your visit at the site.

At National Remembrance Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War you will see the series of displays which popularize the knowledge concerning the Nazi crimes committed during World War 2 and the situation of prisoners-of-war during armed conflicts. The following generations of people whose relatives, ancestors from previous generations died here, arrive in Lambanowice from all over the world to pay tribute and commemorate their beloved family members.

They cover Prisoners-of-War problem of the time of World War 2 and the history of the camps in Lamsdorf.

The labor camp functioned in Łambinowice in the years 1945-1946, and the number of its victims is assessed at about 1.5 thousand people. The detained were mainly German civilians waiting to be resettled into the heart of Germany. Hard living conditions, hunger, diseases and bad treatment suffered from the camp’s personnel caused high mortality.

On the day of the tour you will also see three cemeteries. Each of them with different history and different character.

The Old Prisoners of War Cemetery set up as an object of the military character situated on the outskirts of the village Łambinowice within the area of so-called Camp II. This is the only cemetery in Lambinowice, where nearly each of the deceased lies in a separate grave with his name and surname marked on the tombstone.

Next you will be taken to the Cemetery of the Victims of the Labor Camp. Those who had died in the camp were buried here in anonymous graves – individually or collectively.

The third one is the cemetery of the Soviet Prisoners of War. It was located in the vicinity of the so-called Russenlager, that is the camp established in 1941 to accommodate Soviet POWs. They were the most numerous and the harshest treated group of POWs. There were about 40 thousand soldiers of the Red Army buried in mass graves in this cemetery, including also Poles who had fought in the ranks of the Soviet Army.

The museum and all the three cemeteries are located in the different parts of the village Łambanowice and on the outskirts of it. We will provide you with the transfer to all these places, as well as with the service of an English speaking guide. After completing your tour the driver will take you back to your hotel or to any point within the center of Krakow – following your wish. You will pay for the whole service after the tour. 

The tour can be extended up to 2 days and combined with visiting of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War branch in Opole.  Please ask us about the price and availability of this option.


  • Background information given by the guide as an introduction to the visit
  • Watching a film in English presenting the history of the site
  • The museum displays with the guided commentary
  • Guided visit to the Camp, Memorial and Cemetery
  • The Old Prisoners of War Cemetery
  • Cemetery of the Victims of the Labor  Camp
  • The Cemetery of the Soviet Prisoners of War


  • Hotel/apartment pick up and drop off
  • Transportation by minibus or minivan
  • Courteous and excellent English speaking driver/tour guide assistance
  • A guided tour in English at Lambinowice Museum and Memorial (standard 3.5 hours visiting in a guided group)
  • About 1 hour lunch break on the way
  • Individual insurance for all passengers (called ‘NNW insurance’)
  • Return transfer to the hotel or any other place in Krakow – following your wish
  • Professional service provided by the fully licensed company
  • All prices are per person – nothing extra to pay