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  • 6-7 persons485 PLN or €
  • 7-8 persons485 PLN or €
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  • 5-6 persons £ or $
  • 6-7 persons £ or $
  • 7-8 persons £ or $
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Private Tour by Car & Visit of the Brewery BOOK NOW
  • Tour ID - T/036
  • Availability - Monday till Saturday
  • Type of tour - private, door-to-door
  • Location - about 1.5 hours from Krakow
  • Total duration - ca. 6 hours
  • No. of persons - from 1 to 8 or 9+

We’re suggesting Pszczyna as our first stop. The family Hochberg von Pless – one of the richest magnate families in contemporary Europe lived there – that is why its indoor collection of furniture, paintings and statues is so exceptional.

Apart from a guide tour in the museum we encourage you to stroll around the spectacular parks which surround the palace. If you are fond of motorbikes and cars there is a chance to see a unique collection of old motorbikes and carriages just next door from the palace.

The famous family used to own only a couple of imposing palaces around Poland but also breweries. One of them – Brewery in Tychy is our next stop. It includes visiting two sites – the Tyskie Browarium and the Tyskie Browary Książece. Apart from the historical exhibits you will also find the modern brewing equipment there.

Accompanied by a local guide you will be able to follow the process of brewing from the beginning up to the end. The brewery offers a wide selection of beers such as ale, stout, bock, march beer, belgian trappist beer, dark beer and a lot more. A lot of them we bet you will enjoy to taste. The whole tour lasts for about six hours and is definitely very interesting and humorous.


  • The start from the preserved and decorative Old Brewery
  • Tourists follow the brewing process from start to finish
  • The Tyskie Browarium with a collection of beer-related exhibits as well as the Tyskie Browary Książęce
  • Visiting the Brewing Museum housed in an old red brick Protestant, neo-gothic church built in 1902
  • An opportunity to reveal the secrets of the beer production as well as the history of Tyskie Brewery
  • Watching many multimedia attractions and interactive displays during the tour
  • Exploring the Tyskie Browary Ksiazece which is an architectural jewel and at the same time functions as a modern production facility
  • Visit at the Bachelor’s Quarters and the saucy tales
  • A glimpse into the brewery’s own local railway station
  • Exploring the bottling plant
  • Watching the 3D movie related to the brewery
  • The tasting session at the end of the tour – a pint of beer straight from the brewery’s pub
  • Transfer to Pszczyna
  • Visiting the Castle in Pszczyna 


  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Private car exclusively for you and your company all the time
  • Tyskie Brewery entrance ticket
  • Castel in Pszczyna entrance ticket
  • Courteous and excellent English speaking driver
  • Individual insurance for all passengers (called NNW insurance)
  • Return transfer to the hotel or any other place in Krakow – following your wish
  • Professional service provided by the fully licensed company