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Morskie Oko Restaurant

If you look for a traditional Polish cuisine - it's a right place for you. Plain Polish dishes served with love, exactly as our Polish Grandma would do. Fabulous interior of a typical highlander's inn will only boost your taste sensations! Truly recommended!

Website: www.morskieoko.krakow.pl
Phone: 0048 12 4312423
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Starka Restaurant & Vodka's

Certainly one of the most often visited restaurant in Krakow. Located near the heart of vibrant Kazimierz - famous Jewish District serves you Polish cuisine with a modern touch. You'll try there all the typically Polish specialities. A table booked there is just a must!

Website: www.starka-restauracja.pl
Phone: 0048 12 4306538
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Wierzynek Restaurant

The Legend. It's history dates back to 1364. Fine dining experience in the heart of Krakow's Old Town. Together with a delightful meal you can also try their specialities as gift boxes, very often personalized. Seven different rooms will leave you speechless!

Website: www.restaurant.wierzynek.pl
Phone: 0048 728 871 071
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Warsztat Restaurant & Cafe

In Warszat you can thoroughly feel the vibe of Kazimierz, the local's first choice when eating out. Eclectic interior style combined with a mixed Polish and International cuisine will surely make your day! In case of this one you cannot make a reservation, but it's worth waiting

Website: www.restauracjawarsztat.pl
Phone: 0048 12 422 04 86
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MooMoo Steak & Wine

Very common travellers' choice. Perfect when you need a moment of relief from Polish specialities. They offer you three central locations to get your desired beef, burgers or fine spirits. It's a very popular spot so make a reservation. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Website: www.moomoo.com.pl
Phone: 0048 790 707 713
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La Grande Mamma

Created by people responsible for opening one of the first Italian restaurants in Krakow. Located in the heart of Krakow Old Town. Fantastic views, marvelous interiors and wonderful food. Apart from Polish cuisine, Italian seems to be second most popular. Book a table and find out why.

Website: www.lagrandemamma.pl
Phone: 0048 12 430 64 58
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Hamsa Hummus

In Hamsa you will get the taste of new Israel. This is is the best possible description of the atmosphere of Hamsa Restaurant, which will make you feel as if you were on the sunny streets of Tel Aviv. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, diary-free - all the possible options wait for you in Hamsa.

Website: www.hamsa.pl
Phone: 0048 515 150 145
Fot. hamsa.pl

Glonojad Vegan&Veggie Bar

Glonojad is one very first meat-less restaurants on the dining map of Krakow. Great location in the centre of The Old Town makes it a wonderful spot for a quick vegetarian snack or lunch. Friendly staff and reasonable portions should be the best recommendation.

Website: www.glonojad.com
Phone: 0048 12 346 16 77
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Veganic Restaurant

Veganic is a restaurant located in the Old Town, just couple of minutes away from the Main Square. With its motto "You are what you eat" is serves the highest quality vegan, organic food, NoLo cocktails and many many more. In warmer days you can enjoy your meals in a cosy garden.

Website: www.veganic.restaurant
Phone: 0048 668 468 469
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Budda Drink & Garden

Budda Drink & Garden is one of those places in central Krakow, that you have to know that exists. When you eventually find it, you surely will not be disappointed. Wonderful cocktails, relaxing music and tempting smell will make you stay there for the whole evening.

Website: www.budda-drink.com.pl
Phone: 0048 12 421 65 22
Fot. facebook.com/buddhabarofficial

Alchemia Klub

One of the oldest pubs in Jewish Quarter. This legendary place is virtually inseparable to the every night out in Kazimierz. Great not only for a drink and snack, but also plays vital role in the local artistic world. You can admire there independent artists and worldwide famous.

Website: www.alchemia.com.pl
Phone: 0048 12 421 22 00
Fot. facebook.com/alchemiaklub

Omerta Pub & More

Omerta Pub in one of the small, picturesque streets of the Jewish District was popular far before craft beers were. Undoubtedly the first one to serve famous crafts.The Godfather-themed interior and unique atmosphere will spice your pint up, and make you want to come back again!

Website: www.omerta.com.pl
Phone: 0048 501 508 227
Fot. facebook.com/omertapub

Nalej Se Self-service multi tap

Surely one the most vibrant spot in Kazimierz district. First, fully automated, multi tap bar with self-service. You can even get your craft beer through the dedicated app. Located in historical, brick buildings with industrial character.
Order their mouth watering burgers!

Website: www.nalejse.pl
Phone: 0048 512 790 666
Fot. naleje.pl

Drukarnia Klub

Located just a few steps away from the Jewish District, in the picturesque part of Podgorze. Place that's been recently revitalized and surely can compete with Kazimierz. Wonderful place to relax with your pint while admiring sunset over the Vistula river embankment. !

Website: www.facebook.com/drukarniaklub
Phone: 0048 12 656 65 60
Fot. facebook.com/drukarniaklub

English Football Pub Live!

Even when you're on holidays, you simply cannot miss when your side plays the game! Enjoy the game with a pint and a snack. Away day, but different. Visit the pub and watch Premier League, Championship, Scottish League, Champions League, and many many more...

Website: www.efckrakow.pl
Phone: 0048 12 421 01 49
Fot. efckrakow.pl